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Have I posted this one already? Headless birds. 

Have I posted this one already? Headless birds. 

Corn Swing!

AKA How to make a combined swing and chewing/shredding toy that is also edible - out of some corn on the cob! 

1) Get some corn on the cob. I didn’t remove the green parts because my birds enjoy chewing and shredding as much as they enjoy eating corn. Also add some kind of string to make it into a swing. Be creative! 
2) Add some more string and hang out with bird. 
3) Optional: Cut through the leaves slightly to help birds out with getting into corn.

4) Realize you didn’t need to cut the leaves. 
5) Regret letting your birds out before starting on the swing.
6) ….Thanks. It was supposed to be a swing

7) Hang the swing up in annoying birds’ cage and make another swing for the less annoying birds. Add something yummy to make them interested! 

Note: If you’re leaving the corn cob leaves on, make sure it’s really fresh. Mold usually loves growing in things like these.

Hi, Just wanted to say I really like your photography, (although lets be honest it's hard to take bad photos of adorable parrots) But yeah really nice work!

Aww, thank you so much! That’s lovely to hear :’)


Ah, the scan came out a little weird… but look what came today! We adopted a kakapo! Good job, Birblr!


Ah, the scan came out a little weird… but look what came today! We adopted a kakapo! Good job, Birblr!

Hey, recently the state government I live in accepted the Fracking Bill and there's a chance chemicals will run into our tap water. I typically give my birb bottled water to drink but I let him take baths in the sink and sometimes he drinks the water. What should I do?

Sorry, I honestly have no idea. Knowing basically nothing about what chemicals may run into your tap water, in what amount, or how big the chance is of it happening, I’m a bit reluctant when it comes to trying to give you a definite answer. Maybe try asking askbirdbloggers, they’re great and would hopefully be of more help :)

And if anyone knows more or has anything to add, please let us know! I’m sure any help would be appreciated. 

Hey! I have a Sun Conure who we adopted from a family who could no longer care for him. He's been with me for 3 years and he's 4 years old and he's lovely. I was wondering if there is anything we could do to stop him from being so afraid of new items, toys, perches, remotes, etc. he always screams at the new items and becomes flighty. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I actually don’t have much personal experience with this to be honest, but I do know it’s a fairly common thing.
Have you tried introducing new items really, really slowly? Like, if it’s a toy, put it in the other side of the room one day, and move it slightly closer to the bird’s cage/area the next day, etc.
Let him explore it on his own when he’s out of the cage, if he wants to. Don’t make him approach it or it approach him, just kind of wait and see if he explores it or how he reacts when he gets used to being close to it.
If he’s into the toy while out of the cage, I’d personally try hanging it on the outside of the cage (about the same height as his perches and not too close to his favourite spot) before actually putting it in there, so that you can see if he’s still wanting to play with it when he’s in his cage, but you can also make sure it’s not too much too fast.
If it’s scary all over again at that point, take a few steps back and try introducing it again in another part of the room until he’s totally used to it. 
(The same goes for perches, and also everyday items like remotes and stuff, although you obviously don’t need to get him super close to things like that. Just try slowly letting him get used to it being in the room without freaking out, far away at first, then slightly closer, etc…)
You’ll probably need a lot of patience. Parrots in general are naturally really cautious birds, and especially if he hasn’t been around much stuff like that earlier, it could take a lot of time. 

I’ll also provide you with a few links to other people’s experiences and tips regarding this, as I figured they might be of more use: 

I hope some of this helps and I wish good luck to both you and your lovely conure! Oh and do keep me updated if you’d like to :) 

Toe injury help waaah?

…Okay so, two days ago, Meg was bothering the sennies in their cage, and Miley bit her toe. There was some blood and stuff, but the bleeding stopped quite soon after the bite, so I cleaned it as much as I could without stressing her out and decided to wait and see how it turned out on itself before taking her to the vet. Like I said, the bleeding stopped pretty much right away, and she’s playing and climbing and eating and hanging upside down and stuff like she’s always done - so I didn’t feel it necessary to rush to the vet. That would stress her out a lot, as I stupidly haven’t gotten around to do much precautionary “vet training” yet. 
I instantly cleaned all of the perches just to be sure there’s no traces of poop or old food there, I don’t want it to get infected.

Anyway, it’s two days later now and the tiny wound is looking… I don’t know? I don’t have much experience with foot related injuries in birds and aaahhh I don’t know. 
Here’s some pictures:

There seems to be a bit of missing skin there, I don’t know if that’s something to worry about? Nicko seems a bit prone to picking at her foot, but only does it when they’re having cuddle times, so not that often. I don’t want him to do that and I’m going back to school on monday so I really hope it’s better by then aaahh. 

Do y’all think it looks okay? I think there’s still some dried blood around the claw, but the actual claw does not seem hurt or affected. I realize the pictures are kinda bad, but do you agree? 

The thing is, even though she does still use both feet when active, she does NOT like sitting on that foot when still. When she’s not using her foot for anything, she almost definitely will hold it up. 
Do you think that’s just because, you know, injuries like this are uncomfortable and can hurt a bit without there being any danger to it, or should I worry? 

Do I take her to the vet? Does it look normal? Do you think it’s infected? It doesnt feel any warmer than the rest of her foot or anything, but like, I don’t know. 
Aaaaaah I’m really sorry about all of these questions, but what do you think?

Isn’t she just the handsomest bird ever? 

Isn’t she just the handsomest bird ever? 

I'd really like to get a green cheek conure one day (they are beautiful birds). However, I have a dog already. I was wondering if you had any advice on owning birds, but also owning other animals like cats and dogs. I hear it's not good to own both a bird and a dog or a cat, so that is why I haven't tried to save up for an eventual bird. Just like to hear your thoughts, if you have any. Thanks so much! ^^

I’ve got both birds, dogs and cats, but that’s also one of the reasons why I have a dedicated bird room.
Some dogs do get along with birds (while supervised of course), but most of mine personally wouldn’t - they would be way too excited and could accidentally hurt the birds. And even if they’d never physically hurt them, most of my birds would easily get stressed out being around excited dogs too often.
My senegals used to have a cage downstairs, so they got used to the dogs and the dogs got used to them, but I always brought them (in a small cage/carrier) to my room for out of cage-time.

If you don’t have a separate room big enough for a small bird to get enough exercise, and feel like your dog is calm enough to be trusted around a bird, I would personally make sure the bird is at least fully flighted.
A clipped bird can’t escape if the dog would get too excited or let its instincts take over or anything. I also think, as a bird, it’s quite stressful being around any kind of predator you’re not used to, and especially so when you don’t have the ability to fly away whenever it gets too scary or intense. 

Anyway, I’d recommend a closed bird room, at least most of the time - simply because that’s what I personally feel comfortable and safe with. I wouldn’t dare letting my birds hang out with my dogs or cats, that’s a huge risk I’m not going to take.

I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with having dogs and birds, you just have to approach the whole thing with a lot of responsibility and make sure you do what works best for you and your bird. 

So yeah, if you think you can make it work, I don’t see why you shouldn’t get a bird just because you also own a dog! :) 

I hope this helped, and I wish you good luck if you do decide to get a GCC in the future. They’re really lovely birds. 

Nicko found some dishes to explore. At some point, he realized that if he stuck his head into the empty glass and started talking, it would sound really cool. He kept saying stuff outside the glass and then repeating it with his head inside. It was adorable. 

(Sorry about the poop)